Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Robin Vanvalkenburgh of Runny Bunny

Robin Vanvalkenburgh of Runny Bunny has lived and worked as a ceramic artist in Asheville since 1997.  She graduated from Kansas State ceramic arts program where she studied under Yoshiro Ikeda.  She studied under Mark Burns as a freshman at the University of Arizona in 1983, and he has remained a major influence in her work over the years.  

Robin currently as work available in seven different countries.  She did a short artist series run for Urban Outfitters in 2010 and is currently working on a line for DKE toys which will be out this summer.  

She makes the runny bunny figures in her West Asheville home and finishes them at Flash Studios, 307 Waynesville Avenue, in West Asheville.  Robin will be at Flash Studios for both days of the stroll, June 9th & 10th, with work and laughter.

You can learn more about Robin at her websiteher blog, and shop at her etsy site.

We'll be introducing you to more of our artists over the coming days and weeks as we get ready for our very first West Asheville Studio Stroll! 

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